1. How old do I have to be to post items?  

You must be 18 or older to create an account. If you are under 18, please have a legal guardian set up an account. 


2. What kinds of dance items can I list?

Anything dance related can be posted - new or pre-owned. But the pre-owned must be in good shape - no holes, tears, etc.

3.  How do I make money?

When your item is purchased, we send the money to your Paypal account.


4.  Is Paypal the best option to have my money sent to me?

We have found it is by far the easiest and smoothest option.


5. I am a studio owner and have many items in our office that we don't use anymore.  Can we post all of those?

Absolutely!  Create an account and list those items.


6.  How long does it take when I purchase something off of dancewearcloset.com, does it take to get to me.  

Our site is made up of many sellers.  It is up to the seller when they ship it.  They have 2 weeks to get it to you.


7.  Is your site like Etsy or eBay?

In a way, yes! Dancewearcloset.com is a marketplace that is made up of many sellers.  They post their own products and ship them.


8.  I'm a business that sells new products.  Can I list them on your site?

Yes!  We love businesses that want another avenue and more exposure to your products.  Create an account and start listing those products!